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Welcome to Lienjang!

As our English representatives are currently busy, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated customer service teams for seamless assistance in your preferred language. Please message ONLY ONE of the channels below. Thank you!    

English Channels:


WhatsApp: Lienjang Hongdae, Myeongdong, Jamsil


WhatsApp: Lienjang Gangnam,
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1. Reservation

Get in touch:
Reach out on our official English messaging platforms to book your appointment.

Complete the Form:
Copy and fill out our First-Time Visit / Revisit Form below. It’s quick and easy!

First-Time Visit / Revisit Form:

1. Is this your first time at Lienjang: Yes/No
2. First name in English (as shown on passport):
3. Last name in English (as shown on passport):
4. Gender (as shown on passport):
5. Birthday (Year/Month/Day):
6. Personal phone number (include Country Code):
7. Citizenship (country shown on your passport):
8. Preferred appointment time and date (Year/Month/Day & Time)
9. Preferred location (Gangnam, Hongdae, Myeongdong, OR Jamsil):
10. Treatment or procedure you’re interested in OR main concerns:

Send It Over:

Once your form is ready, send it our way.

Why We Need Your Info:
Your personal details help us create your tailored medical chart. This ensures our consultants and doctors are fully prepared to enhance your experience.

Listing the treatments:

We recommend listing your concerns/procedures to ensure proper consultation. This process will help us provide the best possible care for your specific needs.

Cost of treatment:

Prices can be found ☛ HERE! ☚

* Multiple People Appointments:
For appointments involving multiple individuals, kindly provide the form for each person separately.

2. Key Information:

Medical Charts
Medical charts are not shared between Lienjang locations or with other clinics. Please ensure to inform your customer service representative of any procedures you have undergone prior to your appointment.

Arrival Details:
If you are arriving on the day of your appointment or return, please allow a minimum of 4 hours from your flight time and your appointment. 

Procedure Recommendations: 
While our customer service representatives are trained to assist you, kindly avoid seeking individualized or medical recommendations online. Our consultants and doctors require an in-person meeting for personalized advice.

ONE Communication Platform:
Please avoid messaging on different platforms. If you’ve scheduled an appointment, continue the conversation on the platform where the reservation was initially made. This helps consolidate your information efficiently.

Follow-Up Communication:
Kindly avoid following up on your previous message. Our customer service representatives check the oldest messages first, and reaching out again may result in oversight.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Please review these frequently asked questions to find answers before reaching out to our customer service representatives!