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Semi Permanent Makeup

Our Services/ Semi-Permanent Makeup

We Offer The Most Satisfying Semi-Permanent Makeup

We offer high quality cosmetic tattoo, feathered eyebrows, medical tattoo, lip blushing, eyebrow microblading and permanent eyeliner services.

Correct Pigments Blending

The appropriate colour pigments bending in the required area with a competent and skilled professional.

Best Semi-Makeup Artist

Artist with more than 10 years of experience provides services to various nationalities and ethnicity.

Customized Design and Technique

Appropriate design and techniques are used depending on each individual requirements and condition.

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Microblading Eyebrows. Semi-Permanent Makeup, Ink Application
woman prepare instruments for permanent makeup to work use wrap film tape for sterility, tools for

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General Question

Please read FAQ below to obtain general information about semi-permanent makeup.

During the first round, the treated area(s) will become saturated with deep color causing the area(s) to swell and tissues to reject further pigment. Over time, those areas will start to show less color and a second appointment will be required to re-fill the area(s).