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Hyperpigmentation / Brightening

Elevate Your Skin Tone
with Confidence


Blemishes, Dark Spots, Dull Skin…
Putting on make-up isn’t the solution

Eliminating the blemishes under your skin is

Freckles, Sunspots, and Dark Spots are each distinct pigmentation issues.

The pigmentation we’re familiar with varies widely. Depending on its location within the skin and the specific type of pigmentation, each requires different treatment methods and laser wavelengths.

Finding the optimal combination
of laser treatment for pigmentation

It’s not about the number of sessions, but the effectiveness of each treatment.

Thorough Treatment, Minimizing Recurrence

If residual pigmentation isn’t fully eradicated through laser treatment, it may reappear after several months. At LIENJANG Dermatology, we administer treatments designed to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


A survey of patients who have experienced pigmentation treatment at
Lienjang Dermatology.

Survey Results – Lienjang Dermatology Department


Skin tone changes experienced after
Lienjang pigmentation treatment

Skin Tone Level – Lienjang Dermatology Department

Before – After

Lienjang Dermatology Pigmentation Treatment Cases

※ Unaltered photos. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

※ Results may vary depending on the type of pigmentation and treatment period.


Skin Tone Improvement from Within

Lienjang accurately targets pigmentation located from the epidermis to the deep dermis, brightening your overall skin tone.


At LIENJANG Gangnam, you can receive expert care from two of South Korea’s select board-certified dermatologists.

With only 2% of doctors in the country holding this specialized certification, their presence at the clinic ensures you receive safe and precise skin diagnoses and treatments.


Why is it important to see a board-certified dermatologist?

With the extensive knowledge and experience of our board-certified dermatologists, you can confidently entrust your skin treatments to our expert care.