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Face Fat Dissolving Injections are a non-surgical V-line contour procedure that targets excess facial fat deposits, reducing facial swelling and creating a slimmer and tighter jawline. Additionally, it boosts your lymphatic system, which is responsible for expelling wastes and toxins from your skin and body.

Smooth &
sleek V-line

Reduced facial
fat deposits
(eg. double chin)

Sculpted &

Lienjang’s Contouring Injections not only disperse clustered fat deposits but also expel toxins from the skin and body, resulting in a defined contour and skin with improved elasticity.

V-Fit Face Fat
Dissolving Injection

Lienjang Fat Dissolving Injections do not contain harmful ingredients such as steroids or PPC

Extensive Expertise

Analyzing skin thickness and the fat area enables Lienjang to offer tailored treatments.

Our Lienjang doctors have devised a potent yet safe secret formula for fat-dissolving injections, safeguarded from competitors.
Safe and Approved Ingredients

Free from harmful substancess such as steroids or PPC, our clinic also strictly adheres to safe dosage administration.
Unmatched Results

Experience the powerful
fat-dissolving effects of Lienjang!