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Dermatology / Skin Treatments

Our procedures


At LIENJANG Dermatology Center, our medical experts provide comprehensive care for various skin conditions and concerns. Whether you’re dealing with acne, hyperpigmentation issues, or anti-aging concerns, we offer effective treatment plans tailored to your needs. Our approach is backed by precise diagnosis and extensive expertise, ensuring optimal results for your skin health.

Specialized Skin Treatments

Your customized skin solutions


Lienjang Skin Treatment Center offers customized planning to help you achieve a healthy and ideal skin condition, reminiscent of its natural, pristine state. 



At Lienjang Skin Treatment Center, our medical staff, with a deep understanding of the skin, conduct thorough analyses of skin issues, identifying root causes based on symptoms, and devising systematic treatment plans. Tailored procedures are then administered to address individual skin layers and restore optimal skin health.


In-depth understanding of the skin’s structural layers


Anatomical knowledge of the face (nerves & blood vessels)


Extensive experience in dermatological treatments


Precise use of authentic and measured treatments

The ability to rejuvenate and illuminate damaged skin.


A skin regeneration treatment that restores lost radiance and revitalizes damaged and aging skin, enhancing its natural glow from within.



Lienjang offers comprehensive treatments tailored to individual skin concerns. Achieve optimal results with our range of skin booster treatments, including the Rejuran Healer, Fillroad, and Juvelook. Additionally, Lienjang provides customized MTS Microneedling Skin Boosters with the Lienjang exclusive L’ebss line.


Damaged Skin DNA

The Root Cause of Aging Skin

Skin boosters deeply inject beneficial nutrients into the skin, enhancing elasticity, regeneration, recovery, and moisture barriers, thereby improving overall skin condition. Experience a clean and healthy skin by addressing the fundamental issues of the skin.

Healthy Skin

Reduced collagen production

Decreased elastin levels

Diminished hyaluronic acid

Increased melanin production

Aging Skin

Achieve Your Ideal Skin Condition

Turn Back Time

Skin Texture Improvement

Enhance Skin Glow

Damaged Skin Regeneration

Brighten Complexion

Skin Elasticity Enhancement

Reduce Fine Lines

Tailored Premium Skin Booster Solutions for various skin concerns.

Lienjang’s efficient medical skincare treatments


While facial skincare procedures can be effective on their own, Lienjang’s skincare treatments are best utilized in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments. This combination optimizes results and effectively addresses a variety of skin concerns.

Effects How it works
Aqua Peel Acne Care
Remove blackheads / reduce pore size / improve acne / sebum control / remove dead skin cells / skin regeneration / improve complexion / improve facial blood circulation
Aqua Peel device is used to aid in the exfoliation of the skin. This 3-step process reduces the size of pores and prevents excess sebum production.
Step 1. AHA (removes dead skin cells) - Step 2. BHA (blackheads focused treatment) - Step 3. HYD (treat excess sebum production)
GA Peel Acne Care
Even skin tone / skin texture repair / sebum control / acne improvement / remove dead skins
Glycolic Acid (GA) is applied in a thin layer to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells (peeling is performed with AHA)
Black Peel Acne Care
Improve complexion / remove dead skin cells / sebum cleansing / improves acne / skin regeneration
*Particularly effective for skin with acne
This peel is a safe exfoliant using only natural ingredients, such as fermented black vinegar from black rice, nourishing the skin while removing dead skin cells.
Aladdin Peel (Gangnam Location) Back or Chest Acne Care
Activates metabolism / acne treatment / acne bumps, scars improvement / shrink large pores / improved skin texture, elasticity, revitalization / "chicken skin" treatment
Removes the outer layer of dead skin by rubbing in a compound of natural ingredients (Fresh water sponge + activator). This deep peel infuses the living cells with nutrients through micro spicules.
Ultrasonic Blackhead Treatment Acne Care
Remove blackheads from the T-zone (including the nose) / remove dead skin cells / results in a smoother skin texture
A simple treatment to help remove waste from the pores using an ultrasonic device and cleansing solution.
Pink Peel Anti-Aging (Skin Elasticity Care)
Anti-aging / moisturizing / improves skin elasticity / repairs skin texture / improves complexion
This peel uses a Kudzu extract to provide a boost to stimulate the production of the female hormone estrogen which affects skin texture, elasticity, and aging
"Multox" Glass Skin Facial
(Gangnam & Hongdae Locations)
Anti-Aging (Skin Elasticity Care)
Suitable for all skin types / antioxidant / quick glass skin effect / improves complexion / skin texture repair / moisturizes the skin
PHA Peeling simultaneously peels and provides deep moisture for a glass skin effect, commonly referred to as the celebrity peeling or glass skin facial. To optimize the effects, skin boosters are recommended before treatment.
LDM Treatment Anti-Aging (Skin Elasticity Care)
Anti-aging / moisturizing / improves skin elasticity / repairs skin texture / improves complexion / reduces inflammation / helps reduce acne
Low frequency ultrasound waves stimulate collagen production and improve blood circulation, providing anti-aging effects and reducing inflammation.
IONZYME Treatment Brightening Care
Improves complexion / moisturizes the skin / improves skin tone / anti-aging / repairs damaged skin
*Improved effects when combined with toning lasers.
The device uses high skin penetration frequency along with a combination of ultrasound and electric pulse methods for enhanced vitamin skin absorption and brightening.
V-Vital Vitamin Care Brightening Care
Complexion improvement / pigmentation treatment / anti-aging
*Improved effects when combined with other toning lasers.
Utilizes micro-current stimulation (iontophoresis) to enhance absorption of ionized pure vitamin C into the skin. Iontophoresis also increases the ability of water-soluble vitamin C to penetrate into the skin.
Oxygen Peel Brightening Care
Exfoliates dead skin cells / repairs skin texture / brightens skin tone
Also referred to as the "Brightening Peel". During the peeling process vitamin C and oxygen are administered simultaneously (hypoallergenic peel)
Velvet Facial Care Soothing Care (Moisturizing)
Fast complexion improvement / moisturizing / improved skin elasticity / skin calming treatment
The main acting component in this treatment is the paper-like mask, comprised of collagen extracted from dried plants and cow skin, along with other vitalizing ingredients, and frozen in a vacuum at sub-zero temperatures.
"Snail" Facial Care Soothing Care (Moisturizing)
Lock in skin moisture / Suitable for sensitive skin / skin calming / moisturizing / supplies nutrients to the skin / improved skin elasticity
*Chondroitin component revitalizes the cells of the skin, mucin component prevents moisture loss on the skin surface.
The snail nutrient ampoule is applied and a micro-current instrument is used to enhance absorption. This treatment provides nutrients and moisture to sensitive skin or skin that needs calming.
CRYOCELL Soothing Therapy Soothing Care (Moisturizing)
Fast skin calming and inflammation relief / reduces redness / moisturizes the skin
This instrument uses freezing therapy to cool the surface of the skin. This allows for a strong electric current to flow without the risk of burning the skin, which enables effective penetration of the boosters into the skin for fast skin-calming and redness-soothing effects.
Allergy Care (DMS)
(Gangnam Location)
Sensitive Skin Care
Skin calming / moisturizing / skin repair / inflammation relief / redness relief
This treatment uses ingredients similar to the skin’s natural components along with a device-assisted penetration. Toner + Cream + Ampoule (different options to choose from/mix according to the individual's skin type)
LHALA Peel Anti-Aging (Skin Elasticity Care)
Acne improvement / skin texture improvement / skin repair / pore size improvement / skin tone improvement
LHALA Peel is a fourth-generation peel that combines the L’Oréal developed LHA ingredient with an alkaline solution. Suitable for all skin types, it strengthens the skin from within without damaging the skin layers, helping to achieve healthy, flawless skin.
Acne Extraction Acne Care
Acne care focused / best paired with other facial treatments
Acne extraction is a highly beneficial treatment that significantly improves skin texture and prevents sebum buildup. By removing comedones and clearing clogged pores, it reduces the chances of future breakouts and minimizes the risk of acne scar formation.
However, acne extraction is not recommended as a standalone procedure. For optimal results, it should be combined with other treatments. Pairing acne extraction with acne-focused laser treatments such as CAPRI, DDR, or Agnes enhances its effectiveness. Additionally, at Lienjang, acne extraction is only available with other soothing facial skincare treatments like Black Peel and GA Peel, which complement the extraction process, providing a comprehensive approach to acne management.
"Placenta" Facial Care
(Myeongdong & Hongdae Locations)
Acne Care
Anti-aging / moisturizing / nutrient supplying / skin calming / skin immunity boost
A placenta nutrient ampoule is applied and a micro-current instrument is used to enhance the absorption of the ampoule.

Only 2% of doctors in Korea hold this specialized certification (dermatology), ensuring expert care and treatment.


The 2% difference ensures accurate skin diagnoses for optimal treatments.


6 years of medical school

4 years of residency

Passed the board certification exam



Sun Spots (Dark Spots)
Age Spots (Liver Spots)

Certain hyperpigmentation concerns require professional dermatological care. It’s essential to understand the skin tissue accurately and administer the right treatments to address the root causes effectively.

Healthy, clear skin with

Lienjang Skin Treatment

Introducing our premium equipment for skin tone and texture improvement,
we provide personalized treatments tailored to individual skin types and conditions.

Pigmentation Treatment

Lienjang treats areas and depths of pigmentation differently, reducing risk of skin damage and selectively targeting melanin pigmentation for treatment.

Skin solutions with

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The Lienjang Experience

Take it one step further with Lienjang’s advanced and sophisticated care.


Professional Consultation Based on Individual Skin Condition

Identify root causes and provide customized solutions

Detailed care to enhance satisfaction

Reliable treatments with authentic products in precise amounts

Continuous research and efforts to minimize side effects

Lienjang offers tailored solutions for each individual’s skin type, age, and skin thickness, based on continuous research, extensive experience, and years of expertise.



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General Questions

Read below to find answers from LIENJANG’s board-certified dermatologists to the most frequently asked questions about skin treatments.

The number of laser hair removal treatments needed may vary from patient to patient depending on a variety of factors including hair density, treatment area, and color. On average, most patients will need at least five treatment sessions with regular consistent time intervals such as once per month for optimal results. With each session, patients can see an improvement in progress as the hair is prevented from growing. Your dermatologist will be able to give you a realistic idea of how many sessions will be required to see the most ideal results.