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 Below is our price list as a reference for your concerns!

Some treatments are unavailable in different branches! Price may vary between each branch (Please check with us)!

We hope you utilize these prices just as a reference and contact our customer support team if you have any questions regarding the current price of your procedure.

➔ Please note that the prices listed below exclude BOTH 10% VAT and our promotional discounts that are implemented every month!

Botox (Botulinum Toxin Injection)

Aesthetic Treatments

Face Fat Dissolving Injections

Body Slimming Treatments


Skin Boosters

L'ebss MTS Microneedling Treatment
Moisturizing Skin Injections
Rejuvenating Skin Injections

Potenza RF Microneedling

Facial Skincare

*Price per session unless specified 

Acne Skincare
Rejuvenating Skincare
Allergy Calming Skincare

Skin Treatment

Laser Pigmentation Treatment
Body Skin Tone Treatment
CO2 Laser (Mole, Milium, Skin Tag Removal) per 1
Tattoo Removal

Specialized Blemish (Acne) Treatment

Acne Laser
Pore / Acne Scar Treatment

Advanced Facial Lifting Procedures (HIFU, RF)

Radio Frequency (RF) Lifting
High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Lifting
Eye Area Lifting Procedures (HIFU, RF)

Laser Hair Removal Services

Lienjang Hongdae exclusive treatment

Apogee+ (for females)
Apogee+ (for males)

Semi-Permanent Make up

*Ask us for touch-up included prices! / Lienjang Gangnam, Hongdae exclusive treatment

Eyebrows (Touch-up not included)
Eyeliner (Touch-up not included)
Hair Line (Touch-up not included)