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Botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, is a procedure that utilizes tiny amounts of toxin to temporarily block certain chemical signals from the nerves responsible for muscle movement, resulting in the improvement of fine lines, reduction of muscle contraction, and other effects. At Lienjang, we carefully tailor the treatment by assessing the depth and location of each individual muscle to administer the appropriate product and dosage, achieving a satisfying and desirable outcome tailored to each individual.


Fine Line


Body Contouring

Delicate treatment
to each area

Personalized 1:1
tailored treatment 

Certified products
and safe dosage

Botox is widely used across all age groups as one of the most preferred treatments not only for improving wrinkles non-surgically but also for smoothing skin texture. However, this is not a procedure that should be undertaken by just anyone, as it requires relatively simple yet skillful techniques. Excessive dosages may lead to resistance and potential side effects. At Lienjang Clinic, we conduct Botox treatments with a high level of satisfaction by utilizing appropriate products and dosages tailored to each muscle layer, based on our extensive experience and expertise in the field.

Why does Botox resistance occur?

Botox resistance occurs when the individual does not respond to Botox treatments. When resistance occurs, the expected effects may not be achieved or may be entirely absent. Overuse of dosage during a single treatment session or frequent administration within a month increases the likelihood of developing resistance. To prevent resistance and achieve the desired results, it’s important to adhere to the appropriate dosage and interval for each treatment area.

Enhance your beauty with Lienjang’s Botox, where even simple procedures are safely tailored to each individual.