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Hair Implant

Our Services/ Hair Implant

We Provide The Highest Hair Engraftment Rate

It’s transplanted and rearranged naturally and precisely in an optimal way considering the most suitable for the condition of the scalp and hair of each individual

Modern Technology

Detailed Hair Follicle Seperation using high magnification digital microscope

Dedicated Medical Team

Dedicated Medical Team For Accurate Hair Follicle Separation
to Increase The Engraftment Rate

After Care Program

High-engraftment care program is important as surgery; from hair shampoo, scalp regeneration laser to airjet care for anti-inflammation

Moon Geon Hak

Hair Implant Specialist


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Why Choose Us

We Offer A Complete Range Of Hair Implant Services

The thickness calculation of the scalp implanted at the correct depth and the transplantation harmony with existing hair is the key of successful hair implant result.


Patient Satisfaction

We will provide you with the best results through Lienjang’s know-how.


1:1 primary care

Surgeon will take care of individual treatment process delicately from in-patient consultation to surgery.